While UNIFY LA celebrates the completion of what everyone agrees was an inspiring and timely event, the question now is, who will be the next leaders to work for unity in their cities and in their communities?


Uniting Our Communities

One of the unique challenges we face is putting aside longstanding grievances to come together as people and communities.

We see it in Ferguson and now in Baltimore.

Nick Vujicic - UnifyLA

Nick Vujicic
Internationally known speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book -- "Life Without Limbs"

UNIFY LA brought our city together for a positive day of unity and hope. The inaugural event was a day of sports, music and an inspirational message from the internationally known speaker — Nick Vujicic.

Nick described how has overcome his disability of being born with no arms and no legs to inspire millions with his positive message of hope and living life to the fullest.

People from all over the Los Angeles invited friends and family to attend this special event, and they even heard performances from a diverse group of talented musical artists.

This, of course, was all truly inspirational, and it is was just as timely. It is time we all come together to celebrate how God can change hearts, heal and transform communities.

Learn more about Nick Vujicic.

UNIFY-LA-Mark-Evan-KKLA-and-FISH-Radio Mark Tsuneishi, Director of UnifyLA (left), and Evan Chase, Assistant Director of UnifyLA (right) visited KKLA and FISH radio stations to promote the event.

UNIFY-LA-Launch-Meeting-at-Crossroads-Church The UnifyLA planning team came together shortly after Mark Tsuneishi (Director) first got a vision for UnifyLA in November 2014.

Matthew-Barnett-Dream-Center-80K-People-Per-MonthOriginal Post:



Cantinas Dance Project, an extension of the Cantinas Foundation, was created to be an outreach ministry to disciple leaders and equip instructors through dynamic performances, powerful personal testimonies and exciting camp workshops. Their mission is to create a fresh movement of worship in the arts through dance with the purpose of magnifying Christ while impacting our modern day culture.




I Feel

LARISSA LAM is a multi-talented singer and songwriter.

She has performed throughout the U.S. and Asia.

She has also composed original music for the Oprah and Dr. OZ shows.

So it is not surprising that Larissa completely rocked the house for UnifyLA at the Los Angeles STAPLES Center.



Walk By Faith

LAZARUS is a Christian hip hop artist from Compton. He performed music from his latest CD ("Can't Stop") and other song selections from his prolific repertoire.

Lazarus proves that Christian Hip Hop hits just as hard.
Breastplate on... Helmet on straight... Boots laced up...
We walk by faith... Let's go!




Ultimate Jazz Piano

JOEL GAINES is a respected singer, songwriter and keyboard jazz artist. He has performed with Anita Baker, Gladys Knight and the Winans. Consider the extraordinary gifts and talents of a jazz pianist who has performed with and for such A-listers and you get the idea.  The Maestro of Jazz Piano performed for us at UnifyLA, and people were simply in awe. Imagine how amazing it was to hear him play live at the Los Angeles STAPLES Center!



Los Angeles
Dream Center

PASTOR MATTHEW BARNETT is a New York Times Best Selling author and founder of the DREAM CENTER which assists 80,000 people monthly.

The DREAM CENTER achieves this through mobile hunger relief and medical programs, residential rehabilitation programs adults, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, transitional housing for homeless families, foster care intervention programs, job skills training, life skills, counseling, basic education, Bible studies and more.

The DREAM CENTER works to meet people right where they are to bring them hope and a way off the streets.

Pastor Matthew Barnett is one of the special guest speakers who will be in attendance at Unify LA.


Inaugural Event

The inaugural event for Unify LA took place at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 21st, 2015, and we would like to thank all of the event organizers as well as everyone who attended this timely event.  Who will be the next leaders to bring cities and communities together in unity?
Where there is unity, there is always victory.


STAPLES Center Location:

Los Angeles Staples Center
1111 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Thank you, STAPLES Center!
Unify LA is extremely grateful for the privilege of convening our inaugural event at the prestigious and legendary STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.  Thank you for enabling us to bring our communities together in such a special location.

Visit the STAPLES Center online:

Staples Center (Map)


1111 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Click here for driving directions.


Unity Choir


WATTS AREA MINISTERS UNITY CHOIR is comprised of singers and performers from 12 inner city churches in Watts.  These ministers sing so well that you might start preaching.

We were so excited to have them sing during the half-time show for UnifyLA at the STAPLES Center on Father's Day.


UNIFY-LAEarly Morning Message for UnifyLA

Hispanic congregations gather for prayer and an opportunity to hear a message from Nick Vujicic in preparation for the UnifyLA event at the Staples Center this Father's Day (6/21).

Prayer, Inspiration and Unity.
Accompanied by an interpreter, Nick Vujicic addresses a packed out meeting of two Spanish-speaking churches at 5 o'clock in the morning.  Local churches are coming together for prayer, inspiration and unity.


Mark Tsuneishi, Director of Unify LA, speaks at Beulah Baptist Church, which is pastored by Dr. Robert L. Taylor, to share the vision of Unify LA.

See the video on YouTube:

Mark Tsuneishi, Director of Unify LA, speaks at Beulah Baptist Church, which is pastored by Dr. Robert L. Taylor, to share the vision of Unify LA.

YouTube video link:

Nick Vujicic and Hundreds of Korean Christians Pray Together for Los Angeles


Nick Vujicic, evangelist and author of "Life Without Limbs," prayed together with some 650 Korean Christians early on Saturday morning for revival in Los Angeles.

Link to the article:


Nick Vujicic and Hundreds of Korean Christians Pray Together for Los Angeles


Referring to the recent events of unrest in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other cities, Vujicic said at the 6 AM prayer meeting, "God has called all of us to pray for revival, because people need Jesus today like never before."

Link to the article:


Corporate Sponsors

UnifyLA would like to express our profound gratitude to our corporate sponsors who have provided support either in the form of sponsorship funding or access to key resources which made this event possible.


UnifyLA would like to thank Gabe Tirador, President and CEO of Mercury Insurance, for his generous donation and free tickets to our youth to attend UnifyLA. Mercury Insurance will have a booth at Unify LA on 6/21. Be sure to stop by and say hello.



UNIFY-LASpecial Thanks

UnifyLA would like to express great appreciation for the invaluable contributions of the many churches, organizations, businesses and individuals who helped make all of this possible.

Nick Vujicic
Life Without Limbs

Compton Hip Hop Artist 

Larissa Lam
Recording Artist / MC

Joel Gaines
Jazz Crusaders

Watts Area Ministers
Unity Choir

Colm Estridge
Opera Singer

Magic Johnson, Owner
LA Sparks,  NBA Hall of Fame

Christine Simmons, President
LA Sparks

Danita Johnson, VP Sales
LA Sparks

Portia Miller, Sales
LA Sparks

Lindsay Rodolico, Sr Manager
Game Operations, LA Sparks

Gabe Tirador, President & CEO
Mercury Insurance

David Wood, Executive Producer
"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"

Evan Chase, MC / Assist Director

Mark Tsuneishi, Director

Jen Araki
"We gotta get out of here"

William H. Panko, Creative Director
Creative Ways Media Excellence

Pastor Matthew Barnett
Dream Center 

Pastor Gary Shiohama
South Bay Community Church 

Pastor Michael Lee
Young Nak Presbyterian Church 

Pastor Milton & Cindy Herring
Living Word Christian Church

Pastor Mando Luna
Praise Chapel

Pastor Gregg Caruso
Kings Harbor Church 

Pastor Peter B. Min
Love Inc. 

Pastor Joon Sik Kim
Shalom Church

Pastor Robert L. Taylor
Beulah Baptist Church 

Pastor Scott Fairchild
Crossroads Church - Church Liasion 

Pastor Dane Justice
Connection Point Ministries 

Pastor Gustavo Villa
Comunidad Cristiana Nueva Vida

Pastor Tim Price
Center for Prayer 

Pastor Rod Yee
San Lorenzo Holiness Church
Finance committee 

Rev. Sam Tonomura (Retired)
Finance committee 

Frank Sontag, Radio Host

Jason Mitchell, President

Rick Chuman
Executive Director, JEMS
Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society 

Mary Tabuchi

David Gavrilovic, VP
Nick Vujicic

Woogie Kim
Biola University

Len Robinson, President
FHG Strategic Development

Gary Miller, Record Producer
Rock Against Trafficking

Bradley Rapier, Artisitic Director
Cantinas Dance Group

Joanie Rapier, Manager
Cantinas Dance Group

Fred Flente

Craig Huey, President
Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG)

Hyepin Im, President
Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD)

Audrey Hodges

Pauline Nishida

Damien Jordan
Web Development and
Social Media Consultant

Joey Tellez
Cup of Joe Show - Social Media Director

Shelly Huey

Josiah Braceros

John Wood
Community Liasion 

Krashawndra Edwards
Flash Mob Director 

Doug Kato
Stage Director, UnifyLA

Sarah Harrington
Assistant Stage Director, UnifyLA

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